The Rotorua dojo was founded in 1986 and became our Hombu or headquarters dojo in 1996 when Dianne sensei and Paul sensei formed the Tatsu Gi Kai organisation. 

The Rotorua Dojo is wholly owned by the members of the Rotorua Aikido Club, and it boasts a great mat space, changing rooms and a beautiful garden out back for reflection and peaceful tranquility.

The students would love to train with you if you are keen to come and try this unique art.

The first few classes are free, and then there is an annual fee and a small monthly fee. These fees help the upkeep of the dojo, and also incorporate grading fees.

Children from about 10 years of age are welcome.

Training Times:

Monday nights (6:30 - 8pm)

Wednesday nights (6:30 - 8pm)


96 Riri Street, Rotorua


Contact: Dianne Haynes      021425654

Chris Williams      0212721099